Stress tests aim at testing the functionality of a system when this system is heavily loaded for a given period of time or at peak time. The main goal of the test is to determine if the system is able to meet target availability (response time for the end user).
Most stress and load testing software are complex and expensive.

Not anymore ! With Loadea and Loadea Test, a new ASP software for stress and load testing, everything becomes easier:

  • Define your test online
  • Download and use the capture
  • Modelize your scripts
  • Download and install the injector
  • Our prices are cheap and comprehensive !

Register to use Loadea Test immediatly: it permits you to discover and use complete functionality for a limited number of simulated users.

Loadea has 5 modules :

  • a capture module : to create new test, to modelize it as a script, to modify it, to replay and validate it ;
  • a control module : to define test properties, to launch it on several machines, to monitor it in real time and to view results ; annuities
  • an injection module : it is the engine of the test. It executes script and collect data on different machines ;
  • a collect module : http interface between all modules and database for storage ;
  • an analysis module : to view test results as tables and graphs, to generate reports
  • , and to activate statistic algorithm on data (Principle Component Analysis).


  • Easy to install and use
    • Default parameters
    • Modern and intuitive GUI
  • Many capture plug-ins easy to add
    • Automatic script generation
    • Web capture
    • Network capture : HTTP, TCP, SOAP, RSS
    • System resources
  • Scripts in high level
    • Use your own human and technical resources
    • Proven language
    • Existing libraries
    • Can add user specific development
  • language (C#, VB.NET ) and data in XML format

  • Http communication between modules
  • Use of Principle Component Analysis
    • Shows guidelines of test
    • Automatic mathematical method
    • Simplified understanding of results
  • method

  • Data manipulation by array and graphs. Can be exported to external tools