Version 0.8

You can download a complete version of LoadeaTest !
Default license allows you to use all product’s functionalities but is limited to 2 virtual users.
You can obtain an additional license by contacting us.

The quickstart pdf contains setup instructions.
All zip files contains complete setup.
They all use Microsoft .NET framework 1.1. Setup will install it if needed.

QuickStart GuideQuickStart_Guide.pdf469 Ko
CapturerCapturer.zip2102 Ko
(includes samples)
ControllerController.zip811 Ko
CollectorCollector.zip50891 Ko (includes MSDE)
InjectorInjector.zip1584 Ko
AnalyzerAnalyzer.zip7378 Ko (includes Crsytal)


The goal of LoadeaTest is to meet your basic requirements and maybe more… We have a real experience in the field of testing but we are still open to any idea or suggestions. Do not hesitate to send us your feelings or improvements you would like to see in the coming versions. Do not hesitate to challenge us !