LoadeaTest is your solution!

Loadea is a new stress test tool which offers ease of use to test your performance from capturing to analyzing results.

  • Capture module is a development environment very simple to use. You can:
    • create a test project;
    • use predefined capture packages/plug ins;
    • model your test as a C# script and modelize data in XML. You leverage the power of a proven language and existing libraries and use your own ressources !
    • compile and check your modifications;
    • intellisense and syntax-coloring;
  • Control module is the environment to define test and deploy it on several machines, to define the number of virtual users and performance system to survey. You can:
    • define and modify launch dates, machines, virtual users, ressources, scheduling informations,…;
    • launch test and monitor it in real time. All the results are stored in a database that you can query at anytime;
    • view results;
  • Analyze module. You can:
    • analyze test using proven mathematical formalism which helps classify information from test;
    • generate reports;
    • print and export data;

You can download a free evaluation version (you can test all functionalities without time limitation!).
You can also watch this video about how to make it work better.